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No matter the nature of your feature film, TV series, Documentary or Commercial Kenya should be at the top of your list as your next film destination.

There are numerous factors that make Kenya your ideal destination as we breakdown in the article below. We spoke to renowned film fixers in Kenya to build on the information below.

  • Sound stages

Unlike many other African countries, filming in Africa should never be a problem as long as you are doing it in Kenya. Kenya has several soundstages located in and around the capital Nairobi that you can make use of on your next project.

  • Great film crew

With it’s rich history of British nature shows and big Hollywood production filmed in Kenya such as Out of Africa. Kenyans quickly built a solid and professional film crew force of ACs, gaffers and grips, sound crew, location scouts etc unlike any other in East and central Africa.

  • Lighting equipment

Kenya has 3 major lighting houses. You will find anything you need from large HMIs, Kino banks, wind machines, rain machines & arri sky panels in Kenya. Film equipment in Kenya will not be a hassle for you.

  • Service Companies

In order to film in Kenya. An international production needs to work with a locally registered film agent as their Kenyan production service company. The agent will put together a budget, lock crew, scout locations, get all necessary national and local county filming permits etc. There are numerous fixers in Kenya and line producers in Kenya but we recommend Prokraft Africa for this.

  • Magnificent locations

Last but not least. Is the magnificent views of Kenya. Kenya has a diverse range of environments to choose from. There are desert dunes in the north, tropical forests in the central parts, beautiful white sandy beaches on its coast and vast savannas to it’s south.

So reach out to a film fixer in Kenya today and get your project kick started. #FilmitinAfrica

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