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Updated: May 23, 2022

So you’re looking to come to Kenya to film your next production but do not want to fly expensive international crew around the world and have to put them up in hotels but just want decent crew for you shoot. Kenya has this. Below we’ll be looking at the various departments that you an staff up locally.

  1. ADs

Kenya has lots of good and professional ADs with all knowledge from scheduling to running a feature film set. No matter the size of production, you will be well taken care of.

Whether you are looking for someone to pull focus or change the lenses, Kenya has a good selection of ACs for you too.

From Production Designers to standbys and prop buyers, we have a solid number to Art department staff with local knowledge of all the best shops and markets for all manner of set dressing items or props.

This is where Kenya really thrives in terms of departments. All range of experienced personnel are in these departments to help you organize your next film in Kenya. There are numerous line producers and production managers in the country with heavy experience across Netflix projects and other international clients.

Reach out to us on and we can arrange everything you need to make your filming project in Kenya a success.

A quick note;

Unlike South Africa, Kenya does not have a central database or crewing agency. However, you local film fixer will be able to put together a crew that you can work with based on the fact that it’s a tight knit community of filmmakers here.

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